Please call Dawn.

Minorities are confronted with many hardships.

He tried more than once, only to fail.

Tell me a little about him.


Jiri stumbled backwards.

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I'm not going to sell this painting.

Mount St. Helens is a volcano located in the state of Washington.

They are all the same.

I'm in Boston.

I have to go to the bank.

I faxed a map to Ritalynne.

How many times a month do you write letters?

Can we assist you in any way?

It's funny!

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A girl was attacked in the subway. What's the most shocking is that no passanger intervened.


Can you speak English?

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If it weren't for my advice, you would have failed.

His health situation worries me.

We should hang out.

Give the glasses a good boil.

All apples are red.


It is only to the individual that a soul is given.

Papua New Guinea is called "Papua Niugini" in Tok Pisin.

His constant insults aroused my anger.

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They were forecasting rain for today.

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I was born in 1972.

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You missed a spot.

When I was a child, I could sleep anywhere.

When he gets up on stage to sing one of his out-of-tune solos, I get so nervous for him that I get sweaty palms.

The kitchen is a little bit too small.

Nelken was imaginative.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C.

I have them on the line.

You can't win, Glynn.

I think I'm falling in love.


I recoiled when I saw how gaunt she had become.

It's five o' clock. If you quickly post your letter, it still might make it in time.

Joseph took charge of the situation.

She had her purse snatched from her arm.

"Don't shoot!", said the policeman.

What has happened to the book I put here a few moments ago?

I don't have enough information yet.

I like coffee much more than tea.

I don't like this book.

Call me as soon as you get to your hotel.

We appreciate it.

Lanny has a serious girlfriend.

I'll be busy until 2:30.

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We'll never use those.

I can't understand a word you're saying.

The TV was on all the time.

He is smart, and what is more, honest and punctual.

Do you want to play something?

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That guy's name wouldn't be Herbert, would it?

Save me a piece of pie.

There is a lid for every pot.

You can use or contribute to this project.

We can't just leave Kimberly behind.

I am fed up with it.

Can you freeze it?

Sundaresan seems uncomfortable.

I need to tell him something.


Pilot is the one who showed me how to do it.

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He suffocated, smothered in smoke.


It's all right here.

I've had only a couple of drinks.

Put that down.

The opposite is true.

I didn't catch even one fish.


We're halfway there.

I don't have to put up with this.

I also want to know!

Please help yourselves to something to eat.

The card you drew was a red, wasn't it?

Tell me something about him.

I don't think we did anything wrong.


The store also opens at night.

Everyone should know this.

I see a star.


I accounted for the failure.

I don't think he cares.

I like music as well.

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Let's discuss what happened to Malus.


I'm a Pisces, which means I believe in astrology.

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Bret tipped his hat.

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They wanted to try new ways of living.

You've got till noon.

Pantelis isn't sleeping now.

A thousand yen is owed to you.

Now, let's turn to work.


A cold often leads to all kinds of disease.

I thought it wasn't appropriate.

Sorry, but I'm a little slow-witted.

I think it is a mere coincidence.

The ceiling fan is on.


Many a story has been told about him.


He answered with a sad air.

Everyone's life is complicated.

Three cheers for the team.

Could you tell me what this is all about?

Who came together with your sister? -With my sister is her little daughter Helena.

We need to take that bus.

Valeria ran over someone's dog.

Toft always seems to be concentrating on something.

You won't have to work here any longer.


It was a bad film.


Linder's deep voice is so resonant and mellifluous that I could spend hours listening to him read aloud from the phone book.


How many cities are there in USA ?


Words, when well chosen, have such great force in them.

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He swore never to trust her again.

Are you looking for someone?

We'll never forget Sanand.

And you, Doctor Watson and Mr. Holmes, interest me.

She visited her uncle and aunt.

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We get by with our small budget.


Fatigue follows a flight to Europe.


He always stays in bed as late as he can.

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I told Suwandi Vince wanted to borrow his mandolin.

It's Wednesday.

Evelyn isn't even interested in baseball.


"What do you want to know?" "Everything."


I always feel pleased when I've finished a piece of work.


That's very tall!

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Nudists regard nudity as normal.

I wish I had a roommate to hang out with.

This was one of the best TV Shows of the '70s.

If your car doesn't have snow tires, you shouldn't drive on icy roads.

He's taking a nap.

This guy's good.

It's all been a waste.

Nobody wanted to come to my country.

It'll be hard to convince him.


I don't know where Siping is from.

What was she thinking when she came to tell me that?

We applauded the performer.

With kind regards to you all.

When did they build that?

Look at the dawn on the sea!

'Toast' is an anagram of 'stoat'.

I don't need a partner.

We won't be silent.

I'm sure that I'll miss her a lot.

Jacques might win.

Computers can be thought of as mere calculating machines.

You really just don't get it, do you?

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Do you guys play soccer?

There's just one problem with this arrangement.

Brandy is stuffed.


Will you please go there?

You obviously can't handle this.

I add sentences to Tatoeba almost every day.

When will his new novel be published?

I don't think we need to do that.


Freemasonry is a belief in a higher power.

It's being manipulated by investors trying to make it rich.

Betty was the last to arrive.

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Who do you think is the most beautiful girl in your class?